Menlo Church Sermon Podcast

Menlo Midweek: To Be in Union With God | Adam Hendrix

June 22, 2022

Humans are complicated, walking paradoxes. Sometimes we’re the worst, sometimes we’re the best. We are physical beings with flesh and blood, skin, and bones. We’re also spiritual beings, having the breath of God. Often, we tend to separate our lives-the spiritual or the sacred, the holy or the earthly. But at the core of being human, is a union, not a separation. It is the union between us and God that makes us fully alive. This week, join us as we explore this paradox through our new series studying the life of David. We will explore how to embrace our humanness as we live in God’s presence in our normal, average human moments.

This week, take the Psalm devotional book with you as you go about your normal activities. Use this week’s Psalm to help you commune with God and connect with him in the average moments of each day. Text us at (650)600-0402 to get a copy mailed to you!

Find a sermon-based study guide for this week:

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